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Magnet club

Dear readers,

Last weekend I tried a new club in Berlin, I decided to try a different club every weekend because there is lots and I willing to find the perfect club. They already advised me to don´t go to the Kit Kat club because you have to dress provocative and weird things happen there inside. So after meeting some friends I decided to go to Magnet club http://www.magnet-club.de/. That was next to my house, which I thought was very good, but the closest things are not the best ones…javascript:smilie('');

I tried to ready myself for the occasion; I put a nice top from Topshop http://www.topshop.com, tights and skirt from Zara and nice heels from this shoes shop http://www.zalando.co.uk/shoes/. I was ready for a nice and long party! The shoes weren’t so uncomfortable so this means I can hold all night!
The first impression was okay… asking for ID as always and then looking inside wasn´t as bad, it remind me a little from a Irish club with all the light colors and commercial music…

The problem was that the club was full of teenagers, they were crazy dancing and pushing everyone, too much for my oldness… Also the other people weren´t so polite and they were pushing and shouting to you all. So if you can avoid it don´t go to Magnet, choose another… Is not always bad, the music changed to indie music later in the night but just next to the indie room there is a heavy metal one...and is not my favorite music

Although, during the week there is good concerts and not so expensive ones, which is good to know!

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Miss van

“There is no ideal women . There is some good in all of us (and some bad)” Miss Van

Today I would like to talk about an street artist, Miss Van (http://www.missvan.com/). She is from France and she is one of the most recognized street art painters. She started at the age of 18, doing graffitis in Toulouse, her city. After she travel all around Europe doing more street art, you can see her graffitis on the main Europe cities like: London, Paris, Barcelona and of course Berlin!

She has been very lucky, she work together with nice brands like Fornarina and Adidas and she has exhibited her work in galleries across France, Europe and United States.
Her paintings are always sensual women, showing her female forms, dressing provocative and with a seductive intentions. A kind of angry expression makes them different than other artists paintings.
If you want to read an interview and see more of her work you can check this Magazine (http://www.juxtapoz.com/Features/interview-with-miss-van-part-i)

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I remember when...


I remember when...

According to Tony Soprano (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0979769/quotes); 'Remember when , is the lowest form of conversation.' So, maybe my last post was a little misguided, telling you all about my weekend trips to the local shoe shop. I think maybe a little look into the future may be a little better. I am going to talk about something which is really exciting me at the moment.

The Weekend

Yes, the weekend officially starts in, well, just a few days time. I cannot wait, being in Berlin means there is a wealth of opportunities for me. Even if the rain is getting pretty damn heavy. I think when the weather is like this then it calls for some good old-fashioned indoor partying. I don't think I'll be the only one with this idea...

What To Wear?

The eternal problem on a Friday night is how to make yourself look fly, because you really have to in Europe's capital of cool. Look at this article http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2011/mar/19/move-to-kreuzkolln-berlin to convince about that! I was scouting about on www.zalando.co.uk last week and ordered a whole host of new gear to show off to the willing masses over the next few weeks. But I have to wait a few days to arrive, so, I'm back to wondering what clothes to wear tonight....

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New recipes!

I am living alone again and this means having to do all the food again, I lived like a queen when I was home…but now I ve to think again about doing healthy and nice food or sometimes going out to eat a take away!
Is so difficult to control yourself in Berlin because a delicious pizza is just for 2 euros or a dish of sushi for 4,5 euros.

But I want to cook nice things this is why I start reading cooking websites and doing my menus from there. One of my best friends is a great cooker , he really cooks like my grandma and he told me that he learnt cooking from this website http://allrecipes.com/ I thought this is great that thanks to internet we can buy anything, like my new beautiful and waterproof parka (http://www.zalando.co.uk/womens-clothing-coats-parkas/) and learn any kind of ability. We don’t need to have a teacher next to us to get something, this is wonderful!

Another friend of my learned all he knows about Photoshop from youtube photoshop tutorials! Is not amazing how we can learn all that without paying anything?

We are a lucky generation and we have to get profit of all we have.
First of all I will try to do a chocolate cookies I have seen in http://www.recipegirl.com/


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Music in Berlin

Today I am going to write of all the music offer you can find in Berlin, one city where the vibrating music scene overtakes all the other cities. Just going around the city you can find a crazy amount of posters that they show you the last news in music. Normally the most important groups are playing in Astra, a big local where the entrance is a bit expensive but is really deserved if you are a fan from the band is coming.

At the moment my recommendation is to go and listen Cat Empire http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cat_Empire on the 16th, a group from Australia with Reggae, Ska and Hip Hop influence and very nice vibes! Here http://www.astra-berlin.de/ you can find all the program of the month!

If you don´t want to spend any money I recommend you to around the bars in Neukölln, there you can find a great Jazz concerts where you don´t to pay any entrance, if you walk around Weserstraße or you will find nice concerts of unknown artists but with a big talent. This Saturday I went to a Jazz concert next to Libauerstraße, I was walking in the street looking for some concert and suddenly a beautiful voice catch me, inside the bar there was a group of 10 persons listening a band, the girl of the band was singing next to a huge contrabass and a bass players, the music was Portuguese relaxed and happy music and, exactly what I was looking for. The esthetic of this girl catch my attention, a high waist skirt combined with a wide elegant blouse and with a converse shoes that gave to the look a young fashion spirit. I always like the Converse with dresses or skirts, they look so casual and comfy!javascript:smilie('');

If you want to find more Hip Hop or urban music you can go to Cassiopeia. A club with a big musical offer and located in one of the most popular party districts, Warshauerstraße.

Finally if the music that make you move is Techno, you are in techno´s capital! javascript:smilie('');
The best clubs are located next to Ostbahnhof and the best thing you can do is follow the people, they know what is the best for tonight!


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